Offer your portfolio the talent it needs

Sompani helps your portfolio companies exchange and hire top talent on a beautiful, automated Talent Pool.

Your portfolio companies share candidates and reduce Time To Hire

Don't lose talent you already have

Unite your portfolio's hiring efforts like never before with a one of a kind shared Talent Pool.

Don't lose talent you already have

Organic Growth

Continuous talent supply from day 1.
Companies automatically contribute by providing a referral link to candidates in rejection emails.

AI-Driven Suggestions

Our algorithm automatically notifies companies the moment a candidate matching a vacancy is uploaded to the pool. No profile will be lost.

Custom Branding

Your Talent Pool will be customised to your website and branding. Your portfolio will hire and share talent on a platform hosted under your domain.

Leverage your network

Invite candidates in your network to your talent pool, aggregate every top profile your companies interview, invite candidates who visit your website and more.

Screenshot of a candidate's résumé
Screenshot of a filtered talent search listing only senior candidates and team leads

Top talent only

An approval stage ensures that only the best candidates join your platform. Each profile includes an endorsement note, providing candidate insights and saving time to hire

Understand your portfolio's hiring needs

Get statistical insights about your portfolio's hiring trends, view all open vacancies of your companies, and effortlessly forward pre-defined profile matches to your ventures with one click

Screenshot of a dashboard showing a list of all your companies and their statistics

Features we're proud of

White-label platforms

Candidate availability checks

Automated profile-vacancy matching

Job suggestions for candidates

Individual venture onboarding

Automated vacancy crawling

Statistical hiring insights on your companies

Improved candidate experience

Automated interview set-up

ATS integrations

Personal endorsements

...and many more

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